Medical Clinic Day 2 Esquintla

WOW! What a day! The day started off with a lovely 3 hour car ride. And when we say lovely, we mean BuMpY! After popping dramamine, and holding on for dear life as we approached the village, we finally arrived near Esquintla. We were surrounded by beautiful mountain sides, and palm trees (a little different than what we experienced earlier this week). As soon as we got out, we were immediately greeted by curious little faces. This village was a bit different than the last because instead of 20 families, we had 80! Some of our team was stationed in the clinic, while the rest engaged in building relationships with the villagers. After hours of soccer playing, painting nails, attempting to teach uno, and loving on the kids we all gathered to watch the Jesus Film. Afterwards, we sang and Shelly, Becky, Dave, Anya, and Tim all shared their testimonies.That was followed by Hermano Jesus sharing the Gospel to the village. After a bit of hesitancy, many began to come forward to surrender their lives to Christ. We were able to pray over certain individuals struggling with different areas of brokenness in their lives. It was another amazing night, and God’s presence was felt in a big way!

On the way home, we had a bit of a scare with transportation! One of the van’s broke down because a pully with the serpantine belt broke off. This resulted in a later night than expected! We attempted to tow the broken down van with our working van, but eventually had to use another van to get the crew home! After many prayers, and lifting the situation up to God, we made it home safely! 🙂 Praise God!



First Medical Clinic Day

Yesterday was our first trip to a village to set up a medical clinic.  The drive was a beautiful scenic drive through the mountains.  You could see far and wide and the beauty of God’s creation.  Although the anxiety of knowing we would travel these bumpy slim roads back home in the dark was setting in for a few of us, or for me anyway.  Trying to just enjoy God’s land kept me focused on not looking over the cliff to the long way below.  We arrived safe at the village and we were all happy to exit the vans.  The village from the start had a different look from our previous village.  The housing unit was all together.  People came out to greet us with smiles.  I am not sure how much they knew of our visit there and the purpose, but it didn’t take long for the games, balls, toys, coloring crayons to come out.  Smiles were abundantly around.  The medical clinic was set up in about 30 minutes and the line began.  About 40 familes were seen.  Dan and Johanna each took a line of patients and prescrbed different meds for them that were then distributed. While the patients were being taken care of, the rest of the team set the playground of happiness.  Who had more fun, the kids of the village or the kids of Tema WMI???  Answer:  BOTH!  All enjoyed their time with the kids, and families.  Even the mothers of the village were coloring.  They were beautiful people.  And very gracious.  When dusk set in the Jesus movie began.  The Villagers gathered around, sat in the dirt and watched the movie.  The team surrounded and entertwined with them.  It was an odd feeling. There seemed to be many distractions, noise and you could feel the spiritual warfare going on.  I did not feel peaceful as I felt there was just a unsettling feeling going on as the villagers had looks on their faces as they were not engaging in the movie or feeling distracted.  Our team began to pray with all they had that the devil would stay at bay, that the people would listen and open their hearts.  Slowly you feel Jesus working.  The villagers seem to engage, although the children were playing loudly and distracting.  When the movie was complete the team came to the front, sang some songs and gave some heartfilled testimonies.  It was now time for Hermano Jesus to present the gospel.  The look of uncertainty was on the faces of the villagers.  I wish I could understand Their language. I can’t image what it would really be like to hear the Gospel for the first time.  Our team again prayed from their hearts.  When it was time to accept Jesus, the villagers came forward.  It was an unbelievable scene to see these villagers come to their knees.  The tears were flowing.  Almost all of the villagers accepted Jesus and were saved.  We will now see them in heaven.  We claim victory in JESUS! Hugs all around, tears, joy and happiness.  We prayed as a team, and left the village, left our fellow Jesus lovers behind.  Although they will remain in our prayers for their village and the spiritual warfare that is present there.  We arrived safely back to the base, late, tired but thankful that we serve and AWESOME GOD.

Team WMI Update

Hello family and friends. Team WMI is doing well! We have great team unity..we appreciate your prayers for this as it is so important! We have been working hard in the bilage of La Reina which is a refugee village that PBM has been a presence in for a couple of years. On day one we started with a concrete slab and left with a 10×12 structure with metal studs, dry wall and concrete board. We are building 5 homes and 3 of them are very close together. Today we finished muding and sanding, built porces, put in the window and doors and put salmon colred stucco on all of the outside walls (and ourselves!) Many of the villagers and around interacting and helping. We have been able to eat authentic Guatemalan food with them during the day. The guacamole was excellent! We have had time to interact and play with many of the children. They are very excited to have us around and love any gift that comes their way.

On our way out of the village today a family asked us to stop by. The 29 year old father was very ill and they wondered if we could help. They have 3 young children and live in a very small home with only sheet metal walls and dirt floor. He was very ill and had not eaten in a month. We layed hands on him and their home and prayed for them. Keep them in your prayers!

We are preparing to go to the village tomorrow and finish and dedicate their homes tomorrow. We will be able to paint a verse on their walls and pray over them and share the gospel with them. Pray that they see the love of Jesus through us!

Thanks for your prayers……………keep them up!!

  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
    “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called childrem of God! And that is what we are!”
    1 John 3 :1
    We again headed early to the village……….it was raining…………a vehicle wouldn’t start………….there was very heavy traffic….
    But everyone was focused on our vision today- to lavish the Father’s love on our families and pray that they would desire to be called CHILDREN OF GOD!! We are humbled to report that ALL of the family members that we built homes for and were presented the message of salvation received it and prayed to accept Jesus into their hearts. It doesn’t get any better than that:)